The purpose of JB Tree Farm is to glorify the Creator in all of its operations. We are committed to share the joy of our faith in Jesus Christ through word and example. We endeavor to operate the JB Tree Farm in a way that respects its resources as a gift from the Lord, understanding that we are stewards of that gift.

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More than just Christmas trees

Making family memories since 1953

For fun fall activities check out our Fall Frenzy page! We've added an option to purchase tickets and more online!

Curt and Evelyn Bookhammer

At picturesque JB Tree Farm in beautiful Central Pennsylvania, our goal is to provide a place for our customers to enjoy God's amazing creation while building traditions based on seasonal celebrations. We strive to provide events for our guests that will do more than simply sell our products. We try to create opportunities for families and friends to share happy times together, to begin and continue traditions, to truly appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of God's natural world.

Here, visitors can take an exhilarating ride through beautiful autumn-kissed fields and challenge their minds in our awesome corn mazes, and enjoy visiting our friendly Nigerian Dwarf goats, who will often tickle your hand as they nibble a treat from your palm. After Thanksgiving, they can ride on our hayrides to choose the perfect family Christmas tree from the winter-clad tree fields. We look forward to your visit and promise to do our best to make it a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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