Strawberries, blackberries, red, yellow, and black raspberries are ready for picking. Flowers are ready for cutting.
Check availability on Facebook or call 814-832-3430.

Pick your own berries and flowers at JB Tree Farm

Check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date availability of berries and prices!


Starting in late July/early August, we will have delicious, plump strawberries: ripe and ready for picking. Why buy strawberries imported from California or Mexico when you can purchase quality strawberries from a local, trusted farm? We take great care in growing these strawberries ourselves to provide you with quality produce at a reasonable price.


Raspberries are ready late June through the fall. We have Black, Red, and Yellow raspberries!


Blueberries are ready late June through August.


Blackberries are available mid August through the fall. No need to fear being jabbed by these blackberries! Our thornless variety is delicious and painless!


Treat yourself to a wonderful fresh bouquet of flowers! When you pick fresh flowers, you can enjoy them for at least a week or more! We have an assortment of lovely cut flowers from the rose-like Lisisanthus, Sunflowers, Snapdragons, and more!

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