Strawberries, blackberries, red, yellow, and black raspberries are ready for picking. Flowers are ready for cutting.
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School Groups

At JB Tree Farm, our goal is to present memorable, informative lessons and activities for your group of any age. School Group tours can be scheduled for any time of the day. Please call 814-832-3430 or email bookhammer@aol.com to schedule your tour.

Basic School Tour

The basic tour is $7.00 per person, including other parents or adults accompanying the groups. We provide two free passes for teachers per 20 paid admissions. Groups rotate through some of the activities listed, depending on number of groups you have. Each person receives a decorating project item. Depending on group size, your tour may include:


Standard activities:

Inclement weather need not stop your class!

Most groups come to the farm even on rainy days. We have a covered hayride, two or more activities that are inside the barn, and a large barn area to accomodate picnics that need to be inside. More inside activities can be planned when necessary. Contact us if you have any questions about activities on a rainy day.


You may bring packed lunches and use our picnic tables; just let us know ahead of time so we can be sure to have enough tables for everyone.

Maze Tour

The Maze tour is the Basic Tour plus a trip through the corn maze. We can adjust the length and difficulty of the maze path to accommodate the age and abilities of your group. Allow 45 minutes to an hour for the maze. $10.00 per person.

More Info on Tour Stations:

Educational Lesson

Every year features a new lesson themed around an aspect of agriculture related to our farm. We like to incorporate tasting and touching opportunities in the lesson to make it fun for all ages! Our lesson can also be tailored for any age or special need.

Art Activity

Most years we have enough small pumpkins for each group member to decorate here and take home. In case of crop failure, we will still have a crafting project for all. A beloved activity by all ages, we often hear from young particpants who return to our farm: "Hey, you're the pumpkin decorating lady!"


Your scenic hayride will pas through fields of Christmas trees bordered by woods and mountains covered with trees in fall colors and the cow pasture where our Angus and Hereford cattle are often visible from the hayride.

Animal Visit

We have a herd of friendly Nigerian Dwarf goats who love the extra attention of school groups! This activity is often guided by one of our employees who provides information about the goats and a snack the group can feed them. Optional: this activity need not be guided by us and your group may spend time with the goats at leisure during your visit.


If desired, we can build the playground into the rotation. Just request this station when you reserve your tour date. If your students are more active or very young, the playground can replace one other aspect of your tour such as the educational presentation. This is also helpful if your group needs to return to school without extra time for play.

Scavenger Hunt

To play the Scavenger Hunt game, we provide you with lists of natural items found in a field adjacent to the Christmas Shop. Divide your group into two teams and give leaders the lists and bags in which to collect the items. Set a time limit and let the two groups collect as many items as they can find. Check and count the two sets. The team finding the most items wins! Allow around 30 minutes.

Hike aroundd the farm

You may roam the roads around the farm which take you close to Christmas trees, natural vegetation, and maybe even our cows.


The purpose of J B Tree Farm is to glorify the Creator in all of its operations. We are committed to share the joy of our faith in Jesus Christ through word and example. We endeavor to operate the JB Tree Farm in a way that respects its resources as a gift from the Lord, understanding that we are stewards of that gift. Please call 814-832-3430 or email bookhammer@aol.com to schedule.

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