The purpose of JB Tree Farm is to glorify the Creator in all of our operations.  We are committed to share the joy of our faith in Jesus Christ through word and example.  We endeavor to operate the JB Tree Farm in a way that respects its resources as a gift from the Lord, understanding that we are stewards of that gift.  

Real trees are great and JB Tree Farm has a HUGE selection!

Real trees help the environment and make a great natural addition to your Christmas celebration. Coming here for your tree can be an all-day activity, or a quick stop. You can either explore our fields and cut your own tree, or choose from a wide selection of pre-cut and ball-and-burlapped trees.

Hours: beginning Thanksgiving Friday, November 27, 2020 through December 23, 2020 with limited hours on Christmas eve.

Christmas Trees

Cut your own trees:

Cut-your-own trees are $37.73 plus tax, except concolor fir which are $47.17 plus tax.


Douglas fir

# #

Fraser Fir

# #

Concolor fir

# #

Balsam Fir

# #
Spruce Pines

Blue Spruce

# #

Scotch Pine

# #

Norway Spruce

# #
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For those who don't care to cut a tree, we provide a convenient selection of fresh, pre-cut trees in many varieties and sizes, including trees 10 feet and over. Prices for pre-cut trees are by the foot. The following list provides the approximate price of pre-cut trees before tax.  Any pre-cut concolor fir will be higher.


# # 
Size Price
4' 23.00
4.5' 25.75
5' 27.00
5.5' 29.75
6' 32.50
6.5' 35.25
7' 38.00
7.5' 41.00
8' 44.00
8.5' 47.00
9' 50.25
9.5' 53.50
10' 57.00
10.5' 60.50
11' 64.25
11.5' 68.00
12' 72.00
12.5' 76.00
13' 80.25
13.5' 84.50
14' 89.25
14.5' 95.00
15' 102.00

If you need a tree for your church or business or a tree over 10' for your home, please contact us for availability and price and to reserve your tree.  814-832-3430 or bookhammer@aol.com.  Some of the big trees available:

Alpha - 18' Alpha, SOLD
Bravo, over 17' $145
Charlie, SOLD
Delta, 16'-17' $150
Echo, SOLD
Foxtrot, 18'-19' $165
Golf, 16'-17' $150
Hotel, 16' $150
India, 13'-14' $120
Juliet, SOLD  
Kilo, 14'-15' $130
Lima, 14' $125
Mike,  SOLD  
November, SOLD  
Oscar,  SOLD  
Papa, 16' $155
Quebec, 18' $165
Romeo, SOLD'
Sierra, SOLD  
Tango, SOLD  

All prices are plus tax and include baling and helping load the tree on your vehicle.



Looking for a tree you can plant after Christmas and enjoy for years to come? Ask at the shop about Ball-and-Burlap trees. You can select the tree and we'll dig it for you. Note: Live trees should only be kept indoors for 7 - 10 days.

Tips on preparing for your tree farm experience:

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Christmas Shop


While visiting the tree farm, be sure to check out our Christmas Shop for all your decorating needs. We use homegrown flowers in all our dried creations and fresh greens for wreaths, garland, and centerpieces.

We offer:

decorated wreaths Christmas decorations centerpieces grave blankets hanging arrangements mailbox huggie mistletoe

Other Products and Services:

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