The purpose of JB Tree Farm is to glorify the Creator in all of its operations. We are committed to share the joy of our faith in Jesus Christ through word and example. We endeavor to operate the JB Tree Farm in a way that respects its resources as a gift from the Lord, understanding that we are stewards of that gift.

Photography policy at JB Tree Farm


Professional photography appointments must be made in advance. Admission fees apply for the photographer’s clients during Fall Frenzy and are in addition to the photographer’s access fee. During the Christmas season, if the photography clients do not purchase a Christmas tree or wreath valued at $47.17 or more, an admission fee of $5/person will apply. Please call 814-832-3430, text 814-934-0432 or email bookhammer@aol.com to request an appointment for a photo session.


Individual photographers are welcome to take informal photographs of plants, individuals, or subjects at JB Tree Farm for their personal use and enjoyment. You may share your photos from JB Tree Farm on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram. Feel free to share your photography through our social media as well. If you are not selling your images or being paid to capture the images, you are encouraged to take and share as many pictures as you like.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this policy.


The Season pass requires reservations for each session but allows unlimited sessions during the 2022 Fall Frenzy and Christmas season.


The Daily pass requires a reservation and allows unlimited access for one day during business hours.


We may allow farm access outside of public hours. This could include early morning or late evening at the discretion and availability of JB Tree Farm.

Terms of Service*

Agreement and Warning: I understand and acknowledge that, except for limited circumstances listed below, an agritourism activity provider is not liable for any injury to or death of a participant resulting from an agritourism activity. I understand that I have accepted all risk of injury, death, property damage and other loss that may result from an agritourism activity. I understand that an agritourism activity provider is not protected from liability if the provider:

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